Monday, 6 February 2017


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Leo- Chris Hemsworth

Scorpio- Leonardo Dicaprio

Taurus- Dwayne Johnson

Virgo- Cameron Diaz

Cancer- Benedict Cumberbatch

Gemini- Johny Depp

Aries- Lady gaga

Aquarius- Justin Timberlake

Capricorn - Bradley Cooper

Pisces - Justin Bieber

Sagittarius - Brad pitt

Libra- Eminem

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Zodiac signs in a Club/party.


Aries- Picking fights with other guys and screaming.

Pisces- Low key thinking why they are here.

Sagittarius- Raving and enjoying to the fullest.

Libra- Flirting with all the girls and asking for their phone numbers

Cancer-Getting denied by the hot chicks.

Scorpio- Freak, doing all kinds of things they shouldn't be doing.

Virgo- Party crasher and starting fights with Aries.

Gemini- The guy who keeps on talking with everyone and doesn't stop talking.

Leo - On the wall or corner chilling with pride.

Aquarius- DJ." Free drinks, hot babes and playing the hottest songs and I get paid too".This is not bad.

Capricorn- Bartender in the club. Making all kinds of crazy Cocktails and mixing shit that shouldn't be mixed XD.

Did I miss anyone??

Oh Taurus??
Don't worry he is the bouncer.

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